Act of Dishonour


Client: NFB
Director: Nelofer Pazira
Writer: Nelofer Pazira
Stars: Marina Golbahari, Abdul Ghafar Qoutbyar and Masood Serwary
Release Date: 2010



In a land beset by endless strife, nothing must get in the way of the preservation of honour Рeven if that means sacrificing a loved one. Mena, a young, beautiful bride-to-be, lives in a small, remote village in northern Afghanistan, a harsh landscape that still shimmers with breathtaking colours. Respecting the deeply conservative local customs, she and her fiancé, Rahmat, have little contact yet cherish a special bond. The arrival of a Canadian film crew briefly opens a window on a new world for Mena, a foray beyond the boundaries of convention that leads her inexorably down a dangerous road.