A71 Design

The art of entertainment.

A71’s design department prides itself on being Canada’s leading entertainment design company. With over 100 film posters in our catalogue covering every genre we have the experience to handle any style and size of project.

Equipped with a full service photo-studio as well as a staff of talented designers and illustrators, A71 has the talent and the team to produce killer key art. After that key art is produced we have the ability to transform it to suit any media and supporting material a production may need – sales sheets, postcards, web ads, online branding, you name it – we can do it.

We live and breathe film art. The one requirement to become a part of the A71 team, is that you have got to love movies. We aren’t saying you gotta love good movies, or bad ones, or only Oscar™ winners. You just gotta love movies. On top of that, if you plan on working on art for movies – you gotta love design, attention to detail and the clever communication of a brilliant idea.

That’s just how we roll. So, what’s your favourite movie of all time?

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