Sixteen year old SEAN RANDALL (Connor Jessup) is in a constant state of war with the world around him. Moving to the small town of Bridgewater to live with his estranged father RICKY (Michael Buie), Sean’s fierce rebel persona immediately sets him at odds with the community.

An unlikely bond forms between Sean and a preppy teenage girl named DEANNA ROY (Alexia Fast), who admires Sean and secretly aches to live a different life. Deanna’s boyfriend CORY SIMMS (Craig Arnold) is deeply threatened by Sean and Deanna’s friendship, resulting in a violent confrontation. Seeking to protect himself, Sean issues an off-handed death threat – and is swiftly arrested. Read More >>


Client: A71 Productions Inc.
Director: Jason Buxton
Writer: Jason Buxton
Stars: Tanya Clarke, Alexia Fast and Connor Jessup
Release Date: 2012