Neg Dupree, the breakout star of the hit UK series Balls of Steel, whose pranks have garnered more than 60 million YouTube hits, has finally arrived in America.

In this half-hour hidden camera series, Neg makes a game of traveling throughout the US causing chaos State to State, city to city, town to town. In each location he visits, it’s a non-stop onslaught of comic mayhem as Neg f***s with everyone in his path. No one is safe. He pushes buttons until he’s cursed, kicked, and chased out by security. Never before has a man been so willing to throw himself into harm’s way for the sake of a joke. And when he’s finally become Public Enemy #1, Neg packs his bags and legs it to the next unsuspecting town.

Each episode opens with Neg landing somewhere new in the US. Whether it’s a big city or a small town, when Neg comes armed with an arsenal of pranks willing to sacrifice mind and body to pull them off, the poor residents won’t know what hit them.


Client: Buck Productions